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What am I being paid for?

Our project is a leading project that helps news agencies determine the relevance of news. You have a task: to read the news and determine whether it is relevant or not. Given the opinion of independent experts, we transmit data to the mainstream media in the world.

How to withdraw money? What conditions?

To receive payments for analyzing the latest news, you must enter an account number in Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or Payza. You must save a minimum amount of $ 1,700. It usually takes 1-7 days.

How to get money for invited friends?

Our company begins to expand the staff of specialists, and we need your help in this matter. Attract people through your affiliate link and receive cash bonuses. For each invited user a reward awaits you - $ 70. If you do not want to invite new users, you do not need to do this.

I want to get more, how to increase income?

To increase revenue, go to the "profile level" section and read the terms.

How much money can I earn for determining the relevance of the latest news?

The rate for determining the relevance of the latest news is $ 7 per news. Every day you can determine the relevance of more than 30 latest news and earn more than $ 270.

How to start making money?

To start, register, then go to the "Read News" section and begin to determine the relevance of the latest news.

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Good news for everyone

The rate for breaking news determination of relevance has been increased to $ 7 for one piece of news. Your daily earnings may be more than $ 210.